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How to Build a Healthy Family Relationship

a family enjoys time bonding together with help from a family therapy program

A healthy family relationship is the backbone of effectively communicating all manner of things, not the least of which includes mental health. In truth, the family can be the strongest safety net for ensuring each member feels safe and well, but this isn’t always the case. Any number of factors can put a strain on an otherwise healthy family and can consequently remove the safety net.

Sometimes, ensuring that a family dynamic remains healthy can be easier with the help of a therapist. Family therapy at Imagine Spokane is a pillar of our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization program. We understand the need for a strong familial connection, and we invite you to learn and apply the skills in our family therapy program. Begin today by calling us at 888.384.3143 or by reaching out via our secure online form.

Understanding the Importance of Healthy Family Relationships

As stated, the strength of a family’s bond can impact many aspects of life, including mental well-being. For starters, the family operates as the initial point of reference for how teens manage social situations, build their own relationships, and interact with many things outside the family. When that frame of reference is strong, teens are better suited to the world around them. Conversely, teens with a less prominent family bond are more likely to suffer from stress.

Families without a healthy internal relationship can cause worse mental health across the board. Without a safe outlet for worries and stressors, individuals may bottle their anxiety up, causing it to fester unchecked. Additionally, a strained family situation can also be a source in itself of stress. Feeling obligated to meet, especially if members are functionally estranged, can be highly stressful.

Examples of Healthy Family Relationships

A healthy family relationship should embody three characteristics: open communication, trust, and support. When members of a family are able to communicate, it means having the ability to discuss subjects that may be personal or heavy, such as financial concerns, career worries, or relationship status. Free-flowing communication among family members opens the door to dialogue that promotes mental health, but it can only happen with trust as a foundation.

Trust takes a long time to build up and sometimes only moments to destroy. Take time to extend trust to other members of your family, and allow them to do the same. There are a number of ways to strengthen a family relationship. Each one takes initiative and may be awkward habits to start. However, the result is almost always going to be a family that trusts one another, communicates effectively, and is healthier overall.

  • Eating as a family as often as possible
  • Spending quality time together
  • Show love and support
  • Ensure each other’s safety and wellness
  • Expressing thoughts and worries safely

A family therapy program can help you strengthen your bonds, communicate effectively, and establish boundaries, trust, and peace.

Learn How to Strengthen Familial Bonds at Imagine Spokane

To bolster the health of a family relationship, it’s clear that much work has to come from within the family. However, in situations where families have difficulty building healthy family relationships, outside professional aid through family counseling can make a drastic difference. Family therapy at Imagine Spokane is designed to guide discussion in a way that explores problems and uncovers solutions.

At Imagine Spokane, our team of therapists uses family counseling sessions to examine problems, teach better communication, and encourage searching for commonalities. We want to bridge gaps in families for the Spokane, Washington area, as this is our community too. We’re here, listening and prepared to help families in need of outside aid. To learn more about our family therapy program, call us at 888.384.3143 or reach out online today.