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Crisis Intervention

crisis interventionTeenage years can be difficult for both adolescents and adults. Teens often struggle with mental health disorders or have behavior issues that are dangerous to both them and you, and your family. In these sensitive, scary moments, crisis intervention may be needed to address the issues safely and, if needed, usher teens toward professional mental health care treatment that can help them manage their emotions. In our adolescent treatment programs, you can safely and effectively begin this important conversation and watch as your teen takes the first steps in their journey of recovery and self-discovery.

If your teen is suffering, reach out to Imagine Spokane online today or call at 888.384.3143 to learn about our adolescent intervention services.

What Is Crisis Intervention?

No parent imagines needing intervention services. And yet, sadly, 75% of mental health challenges emerge during adolescence and 20% of teenagers already are suffering from at least one mental health disorder. Sadly, some kids may turn to drugs as a way of self-medicating and masking their mental health issues and the pain they are feeling. If you think that your teen is struggling with a mental health disorder or severe behavioral issue, or if you’re worried they are turning to drugs, take action to intervene and help your teenager. If the issues are severe, rely on our crisis intervention for much-needed professional help. This is the best thing you can do for your teens, their future, and your family.

An intervention is a conversation, not a confrontation or a punishment. Crisis intervention doesn’t necessarily mean your teen will need therapy, PHP, or an intensive outpatient program, but adolescent intervention might save their life. The intervention services at Imagine Spokane provide you with a fresh approach to having level-headed discussions to express your concerns about your teen’s struggles. 

The Importance of Intervention Services

Parenting at any age is hard, but raising teens can drain a parent. After you have exhausted the resources available at home to help your teen address and overcome their mental health issues, the next step may be crisis intervention. Our intervention services give parents the professional support of experienced adolescent intervention specialists while at the same time keeping parents actively involved in the treatment of their teenager. Crisis intervention can be helpful should you witness your teen feeling:

  • Sad
  • Hopeless
  • Suicidal

Additionally, adolescent intervention programs may be necessary if your teen is self-harming, obsessing about death, or experimenting with drugs and alcohol. You are not alone in this battle. It takes a village to raise a child and Imagine Spokane is a vital member of that village. Reach out to us today for the help you deserve. 

As you prepare to have an adolescent intervention at home, consider the following initial steps that may help you succeed in getting your teen to open up, start talking, and admit they need help.

Build a Case for Adolescent Intervention

Before starting an adolescent intervention, it’s critical to develop the case for having this conversation with your child. Collect evidence that clearly shows the dangerous behaviors or harmful actions you have observed in your teen and establish the points you will make during the intervention. This extra work before you speak with your child will increase the likelihood that your intervention will have the outcome you want. Some questions to ask yourself before an adolescent intervention include:

  • What is the reason for the intervention?
  • Why are you addressing your concerns now?
  • What specifically are your teen’s concerning actions or behaviors?
  • How are their issues negatively impacting them and your family’s life?

If you feel that your teen is in dire need of help, crisis intervention at Imagine Spokane can help you start to help your teen today. Don’t wait to get help from our professional intervention services.

Manage Your Emotions

If you observe your teenager’s destructive behavior, you may want to react with anger, but anger will not help you during an intervention. Adolescence is a delicate time of life, full of new emotions and confusing feelings. Your emotions must be tempered to allow the conversation to flow without giving your teen cause for shutting it down or walking away from you. With our intervention services, parents concerned about their teen’s mental health and behavioral issues will learn to develop strategies for having healthy reactions as they listen to what’s going on behind the scenes. Your ultimate goal is to help your teens get better, and the goal of crisis intervention is to help you accomplish this safely and effectively.

Get the Professional Help You Need from Imagine Spokane

Crisis intervention can help parents who need professional support to step in and assist their teens in getting the additional help they need and deserve. Our team knows that early intervention is essential to long-term success. We will help guide you and your teen in the right direction toward getting the care and treatment needed to understand and overcome their mental health disorders. The sooner you intervene, the more pain and danger you will save your teen and your family. Don’t hesitate to seek out our intervention services to get your teen the treatment they need.

Learn More About Crisis Intervention from Imagine Spokane

When you see mental health struggles and behavioral issues in your teen, don’t wait to seek help. Learn more about our intervention services today by reaching out to us online or calling at 888.384.3143.